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Tuesday, February 10, 2015
Puppies Almost 3 Weeks Old
By host @ 12:31 PM :: 1028 Views

The puppies will be 3 weeks old this week.   They are changing so much and every day brings new accomplishments.      Within the last week, their eyes and ears have opened and they are starting to walk around the whelping box.   They are also starting to act like dogs – barking, growling, wagging their tails and mouthing one another.    It was so cute to see one puppy smelling Aaron’s hand and wagging his tail at Aaron.   It was as if the puppy was finally able to see Aaron after a couple weeks of just smelling him.   ‘Oh, yes, I recognize you by your smell!’

When they see momma coming they get very excited as they are always, always hungry.   Poor River and Scout look very tired and if they stay in the whelping box the puppies will nurse non-stop.   More and more the moms will feed the pups and jump out to join their ‘people’ family.   I have taken to sleeping with my television set on to try and block out the sounds of the puppies.   Even though the pups are downstairs and on the other side of the house, I would wake up with every distressed cry.   Having the television on seemed to cover up the puppy sounds and now I’m getting decent sleep too.

We have finished our early neurological stimulation exercises but continuing to socialize the pups is very important.   We’ve added colored collars to the pups and it’s easier to make sure that each puppy is getting handled on a regular basis.    The pups receive wormer medication at 2,4,6 & 8 weeks.   I have heard that if the mother has worms the pups will too.   I don’t ever remember having problems with intestinal worms but better safe than sorry.  

I ordered microchips for all the puppies and we’ll be micro-chipping them as soon as I have a helper.   All our puppies will be sold with registered microchips.    If they are every lost, there will always be a tie back to the owner and the breeder.

Our next, big endeavor will be moving the pups from the whelping box to a pen.   They are getting close to climbing out of the whelping box.   I would like to delay this as long as possible but it won’t be long before someone finally scales the wall.   That will be my project for this weekend.

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March 23 2009
Stonewall's All Hail to Cesar has completed his Agility Foundations class hosted by 4mydogz.  He graduated with honors.  This is Julie & Cesar's first try at agility.  They have great potential as a team!

March 3 2009
Stonewall Anything Goes Abadabadoo, "Abby", has graduated from Family Dog Class from Dog's Best Friend Training.  This is Abby's third training class completed, all before the age of 8 months!  Congratulations!

February 28 2009 & March 1 2009
Stonewall's All Hail to Cesar placed 1st in the 6-9- month Puppy Dog class at the Wisconsin Kennel Club Dog Show.  Stonewall's Away Again Scout placed 1st in the 6-9 month Puppy Bitches class at the Wisconsin Kennel Club Dog Show.

February 14 2009
Stonewall's All About Tessa placed as the BOB Flat-Coated Retriever Puppy in the Waukesha KC BOB Fun Match.  A first dog show for Tracy & Tessa.  They made a great team and will be a fun pair to watch in the future. 

January 24 2009
Stonewall's All Hail to Cesar placed 1st in the 6-9 month puppy dog class at the Park Shore KC show.  Stonewall's Away Again Scout placed 1st in the 6-9 month puppy bitches class at the same show.  A very good first show for both puppies.

January 19 2009
Stonewall Anything Goes Abadabadoo, "Abby", has graduated from Advanced Puppy Class from K-9 Obedience Training Center. 


November 12 2008
Stonewall Anything Goes Abadabadoo, "Abby", has graduated from Puppy Head Start Class from K-9 Obedience Training Center.  Well done Abby & Karla.

October 24 2008
Congratulations to Stonewall's Ariose Flight, "Hank" for completion of Level 1 Group Obedience Class.  Great job Hank & Ben!

October 19 2008
We were fortunate to get together Abby, Blue, Cesar, Tessa, and Scout for a play date.  It was great to see how all the puppies were growing and changing.  Their new owners have been hard at work training and it shows.  It was a wonderful opportunity for us to get together and trade tips and stories.

October 14 2008
Check out this month's issue of Gun Dog magazine.  There is an article about Flat Coated Retrievers and our 'A' litter puppies paternal grandfather is pictured.

October 4 2008
Carrie, Timber and Scout attend the Flat-Coated Retriever Club of Illinois Fall Hunt Training Seminar at Bong Recreation.  An informational seminar and field training event.  Scout did well for her first event and enjoyed the attention.  Timber was happy to be back in the field after spending the summer with puppies.

September 15 2008
Puppies will be starting to leave for their new homes this week.  We will be sad to see them go but are excited to share these wonderful new puppies with their new families.

 August 31 2008
Puppies are naughty!
They are fighting, nipping and destroying the yard.

August 6 2008
Puppies are opening their eyes and trying to stand.

July 24 2008
Our litter arrives - 9 puppies
4 males & 5 females


September 30 2007
Timber Earns her WCX title!
WCX event hosted by the Flat-Coated Retriever Club of  Illinois


September 2006
New Title!
Timber earns fourth leg of JH title Winnebago Retriever Training Club Fall Hunt Test Bong Recreational Area

September 2006
Timber earns third leg of JH title
Madison Retriever Training Club Fall Hunt Test Oregon, WI

August 2006
Timber earns second leg of JH title Fox Valley Retriever Club Horicon, WI

July 2006
Timber earns first leg of JH title Wisconsin Amateur Field Trial Club Horicon, WI

April 2006
New Title!
Timber earns Championship title Packerland Kennel Club under Judge Michele Billings
handled by Kevin Carlson

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