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Welcome to Stonewall Flat-Coated Retrievers

We have no plans for puppies in 2021 and are not currently accepting puppy inquiries. Please follow us for updates on Facebook.

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About Stonewall Flat Coated Retrievers –
by Carrie Hinz

Just an Idea

Joel and I have been dog owners & lovers for many years. At some point during the 1990’s, I decided that my next dog I was really going to “DO” something with. We had 2 Golden Retrievers at the time. Our male, Pal, was beautiful to look at but he wouldn't’t retrieve anything. Our female, Kelli, was a scrappy girl that would hunt for anything. The memories of these two dogs will stay with me forever as my great friends. I always thought I could have the perfect dog if I could have the beauty of the show ring put together with the natural instinct of a retrieving gun dog.

Meet the Flat Coated Retriever!

At some point, I learned of the Flat Coated Retriever and thought this might be the dog I was looking for. I had a pretty ambitious plan for myself and I was jumping into several areas that I knew nothing about – dog showing, hunt testing etc. I will always be grateful to Christopher McCoy from Evening Star Kennels, MD for taking a chance on me and selling me my first Flat Coated Retriever in 2004.

Welcome CH Evening Star’s Autumn Timber JH WCX TDI CGC

Timber has taken me on an adventure that I can only look back at and smile. We learned “the ropes” at dog showing, hunting for AKC test purposes and hunting in the field. She opened a whole world that exists for people involved in performance dog events. When did the days get so short! All of a sudden there was so much to do and not enough time to do it. The end result was that Timber is an AKC champion Flat Coated Retriever that could hunt and was a beloved member of our family. Truthfully, the real pleasure has been in the journey it took to get there and sharing it with a great friend.

Such a Good Dog Should Be Shared

Timber was a wonderful example of the breed standard for a Flat Coated Retriever. I decided to educate myself and pursue breeding her. My main goal was to produce a puppy that I could keep and begin a new phase of showing and training. I wanted to do the “right thing right” and upkeep the high breeding standards that Timber had come from. I was fortunate to have many mentors and advisors along the way. I am member of the Flat Coated Retriever Society of America and I must uphold their breeders’ code of ethics. We produced our first litter in summer of 2008 and additional litters every couple years.  It has been a joy to share our puppies with their new owners and we have the additions of Scout & River, and Rookie .  We look forward to the next paragraph in our story!

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